The ‘KinderKochKiste’ is a project of

Stiftung Kinder seid Kinder (Letting Children be Children Foundation),

a sort of ‘cooking club’ for CHILDREN aged 4 to 12 years, with a regular or a ‘secondary’ home, healthy or ill. We get busy doing exciting and practical activities that involve cooking, eating and enjoying ourselves.
The children here at the Children’s House meet regularly in a fun setting to cook together, learn about healthy nutrition, and discover that even simple ingredients can be whipped up into a yummy meal.
There’s a lot that goes into this – the planning, for instance, and once in a while we also go shopping together. We make our own jams, juices, ketchup, etc., bake biscuits in the advent season, or a birthday cake. All things that also make lovely gifts.
At the ‘KinderKochKiste’ we always use fresh seasonal and largely local products. No ‘tinned food’, thank you – our cooking is strictly “natural, no additives”, and (imagine that!) even healthy food can be tasty, with lots of variety. During the holidays, we go on exciting trips that all are, in some ways, cooking themed.
Our ‘make and bake’ is great fun, but so is everything else around it, and our kids learn, some for the first time, that it’s just great to sit down together to share a meal and talk. Who knows, for some it may even become a new hobby…