The Lerose Foundation supports children, youths and families in Remscheid

The aim is to provide active support for children in Remscheid. Girls and boys who really need it are offered help through specific projects and activities provided by the Lerose Foundation without any ado or red tape.

Our support has enabled the Lerose Foundation to complete the following projects:

Stop Bullying
Gerd Dietrich Wingender is a qualified educator and coolness trainer
He coaches primary school children in a hands-on way to learn coolness, integration and anti-aggression. His excellent training has already benefitted a number of schools over the past couple of years.

Bergischer Boxing Club Remscheid
The Lerose Foundation donated a complete set of training equipment that proves very popular with the kids, as visitors from the Foundation were able to witness first-hand.
The Boxing Club offers children primarily from socially disadvantaged families a useful leisure activity that promotes discipline and confidence while giving them a vision for the future.

The Junior Chamber ‘Treasury of Words’ Programme
To express yourself, you must speak the language! “Treasury of Words” is a language support programme funded by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Remscheid to help children and young people from a migrant background to improve their language skills and so to achieve better grades at school.
The youngsters are mentored by trainee teachers who are selected by Prof. Dr. Charlotte Röhner of the Bergische University of Wuppertal and specially trained for the “Treasury of Words” programme.
Tuition is provided once a week for 90 min and is based on the subjects taught at school, enabling the students to familiarise themselves with the specific expressions and vocabulary they need in class.

“Mit dabei” (Get Involved) project of Remscheider Tafel
Circus Casselly has become an institution in Remscheid. Every year, it invites kids to join in the rehearsals, teaching them great circus acts (from juggling and circus arts to magic tricks). These are then presented at a gala held over two evenings. Participation costs EUR 150.00 per child, which many of the socially disadvantaged families cannot afford. Thanks to the Udo Grüninger Foundation, the Lerose Foundation has now had the pleasure of sending six children of these poorer families to join the circus!

Pro Bambini Doc
The Remscheider Tafel foodbank is set to open a free medical clinic once a week for children of migrants and socially disadvantaged families. The clinic will be held by Remscheid-based health professionals working in a voluntary capacity. The initial fit-out of the examination room with second-hand furniture / equipment was funded by the Lerose Foundation thanks to a generous donation from the Udo Grüninger Foundation.