Repeated alcohol-related incidents among adolescents in Pattonville near Stuttgart Kornwestheim and its surrounding communes have lead to an urgent need for action and the eventual foundation of an alliance. The youth department Remseck and Kornwestheim, the youth parkand community centre Pattonville as well as the police station Remseck, have joined forces to promote a critical attitude towards alcohol and possible alternatives.

The campaign “active youth protection” has already launched several initiatives with adolescents and adults and many more ideas for preventive work in the future are listed on the agenda. The overall project goes by the name of “Al dente – Projekte mit Biss”. A mobile cocktail bar will function as a crowd puller. The converted second hand vehicle will be used at street and township parties offering attractive alternatives to beer, wine and so on. What is special about this is the fact that adolescents are integrated into the action right from the beginning. They design and build their “cocktail-car”. They create non-alcoholic drinks. They are in charge and overlook the tours as barkeepers, ambassadors and multipliers of festive culture that is non-alcoholic but by no means boring.

We bear the costs for the vehicle.

A second hand vehicle is needed for the project. Personal work will be involved to convert and equip the vehicle. We bear the costs for the purchase, conversion, design, equipment (material, cooling aggregates and so on) as well as insurance and tax. Salaries for social workers and specialised staff will be borne by other active investors.

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