MinA assists deprived and often single mothers during their training as childcare workers. This job is in great demand and graduates can also train to become a nursery-school teacher.

However, the problem is that they have to file an application to receive BAföG in order to finance their living during their training and it can take months before they receive funding.

This leads to financial difficulties which can mean that mothers are confronted with existential problems. Even everyday commodities like repair costs of a washing machine, a supplementary electricity and heating payment or simply a pair of children’s shoes are then likely to exceed their tight budget. Demoralisation, resignation and sometimes even termination of their education may result.

How we support the MinA:

We provide money for the MinA to help young mothers overcome financial difficulties at the beginning of their education. Financial means are transferred to mothers if necessary.

Additionally, we support the MinA’s educational preparation work. What does that mean? Experience has shown that an Internship, a graduation (many have left school during pregnancy without a graduation) or coaching prior to application procedures increases the chance of an apprenticeship training position. The demand for this kind of support is immense. We take on part of the increased labour costs for educational preparation work.

For further information: www.mina-ausbildung.de