The Youth Welfare Office supplies educational aid for local families. Pedagogically specialized members of staff visit afflicted families at home, converse with individuals, offer advice and support. Unfortunately, our members of staff often encounter situations where the actual educational problem has to come second.

This is because above all basic needs are lacking: No Food and the next Hartz IV payment will take another few days. How are they supposed to cope with an empty fridge, no baby food or nappies? The children suffer from one problem leading to the next: No money to pay the school lunch. Upcoming school trips or for example visits to an open air swimming pool have to be paid with money they do not have. However, even more serious is the fact that they cannot afford teaching material that must be bought every beginning of term – pens, crayons, notebooks, compasses and books. 200 euros per child are spent in no time. When pupils are unable to keep up in school due to financial problems and are thus excluded by their fellow pupils, loss of motivation usually is the consequence. Early school leavings are then bound to occur.

We help the Youth Welfare Office Stuttgart solve existential problems.

Depending on the circumstances we offer relief by providing a sum of money to afflicted families.