Sillenbuch. An association will annually support the “Alberta” and the “Wilde 13” with 22,000 euros.

The children clapped for joy, said Jens Kraske, manager of the two cafes “Alberta” and “Wilde 13”. Kraske and his employees used the venue of the recent summer party to announce the best news for a long time: The pupil cafe Alberta and its subsidiary in Heumaden, Wilde 13, have been saved.

Starting 2012 the Udo Grüninger foundation in Stuttgart will annually transfer 22,000 euros to Sillenbuch. Without this sponsor the future of Alberta and the Wilde 13 would remain as uncertain as it has been for the last 3 years. That the financial worries of both organisations would disappear just like that, “I personally no longer believed it to be possible,” Jens Kraske admits. All the greater was the joy after the official meeting between the Udo Grüninger foundation and the people in charge of the pupil cafes last week.

“It’s a great relief,” says Kraske. He will finally be able to forget that everyday could be the last day of “Alberta” and the “Wilde 13”. Simply because there was no money available and one of the three full-time jobs could be abolished any time. “We fit the foundation’s agenda perfectly,” says Jens Kraske.

Roland Steinlein, the foundation’s director, confirmed this point. The foundation was established last year by Gisela Grüninger, the widow of Udo Grüninger, a Stuttgart entrepreneur. The aim is to support children and adolescents “who due to financial distress have become dependent on others” – as can be read on their website. The same is true for “providers offering services and conveniences connected to provision of basic supplies, education, training and cultural events for children and youth in need.”

The pupil café Alberta, located in the Schemppstraße, has been a gathering point for more than 10 years, especially for children with a migrant background. They can play games and do their homework under supervision. Its provider is the Catholic Church congregation st. Michael. In the year 2008 the Catholics of Heumaden followed suit and founded the subsidiary „Wilde 13“. Until 2009 the cafe was supported by the Adele-Winter-foundation which annually donated 14,000 euros to the Alberta and made a one-off payment of 8,000 euros to the “Wilde 13”. However, the foundation eventually stopped payment as it was originally intended as a start-up funding.

The Udo Grüninger foundation has agreed on permanently financing the project. The people in charge have granted recurring donations to the Catholic congregation. Even if costs rise there is hope around the corner: “We are prepared to take on additional costs if necessary,” said Roland Steinlein. This of course makes endless children happy.

By Judith A. Sägesser
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, “Blick vom Fernsehturm”, dated 11.07.2011