The city of Böblingen provides numerous services including care possibilities, education and advice to families. Unfortunately, many of these activities do not reach problem families or families considered to be at risk, due to emotional thresholds and lack of accessibility.Many of these families have a migrant background.The project “Family Centre Böblingen” thus concentrates precisely on this neglected target group. It operates at the interface between educational support and family education with useful offers that are accepted by problem families as well as by families at risk.

The project involves a range of individual activities that tie in with the living conditions of each of the families. The “Family Centre Böblingen” sees its role as a facility offering comprehensive services. The staff members actively approach the families under their care, meeting them at various places like church congregations, childcare facilities or even visiting families at home.

However, even an organisation primarily on the road needs a fixed address. Coordination centre, workplace for the employeesas well as the contact point for families are all located in the Paulinenpflege in Böblingen.

We support the organisation and its coordinating body by donating money.