The association was founded in 1988 and has offered numerous activities ever since. The main aim is to help children with learning disabilities, either at school or outside school and in so doing enable them to become independent, professionally as well as in their private life. Moreover, the association provides financial support via donations to deprived children, enabling them to take part in school trips and other activities.

One of the association’s most important projects is the Lindenschule Förderschule, a special school that constantly has to adapt their learning opportunities to new responsibilities that arise within the education system. The Lindenschule special school has been an exemplary model of integration now for many years. Pupils from various nations do not only learn general skills for life but also learn how to develop a sense of community in a multi-national collective. The dedicated association supports school projects like horse-riding therapies, school trips as well as additional educational offerings. The association is a hundred percent dependant on donations from sponsors.

We help the foundation via donations.

Further information can be obtained from the association for children and youth with learning disabilities Ostfildern and Denkendorf e.V. – branch office – Lindenschule special school, Lindenstraße 78, 73760 Ostfildern. If you wish to personally support the association by a donation, please use the following bank details:

Volksbank Esslingen, account no. 14 188 007, bank code 611 901 10
Volksbank Plochingen, account no. 5 656 001, bank code 611 913 10