“Playing by the Rules” is a theatre project that has been run for the past number of years by the Stuttgart Regional Association of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. (St John’s Ambulance) at several schools in Tübingen and surroundings. It is designed to help teach kids social skills and how to deal with emotions through role play.

Conflicts frequently arise as a result of misunderstandings. Often, children are not aware of how their behaviour comes across to others. “Playing by the Rules” uses role play to demonstrate behaviours that can lead to conflict, as well as clear and proper communication. Under the guidance of professional actors and actresses, the kids get to work on short scenes that show them how communication with others can either be aggressive or respectful, focusing specifically on the “rules” of social interaction.

Under the cover of their roles, the kids get first-hand experience without going through the conflict themselves. Role play teaches them the “rules of the game” in a witty and light way so they enjoy studying and acting out different behaviours and etiquettes. It enables them to learn how to solve conflicts without violence and to work together on appropriate solutions.

We are supporting the project for one school year so it can be made available free of cost to several other schools.

For more information on the project, please contact Project Manager Rebecca Ruopp (rebecca.ruopp@johanniter.de).