The family and local community centre Nord (FaZ) addresses its offers to the inhabitants of the so called Coop-neighbourhood located between Türlen-and Friedhofstr. The unemployment rate is twice as high as the average in Stuttgart. The proportion of families, whose children are under-aged, living on unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II) is even three times as high. Around 90% of them are children with a migration background.

Because of the high proportion of people with a migration background many have been brought up multilingual. Today parents are aware of the importance of language development at an early stage as a key to education and integration. This is why the FaZ focuses on early language support.

The FaZ provides a wide range of offers such as playgroups and afternoon childcare in the form of group sing-alongs and mentorships offered by the cooperating Pragschule. Once a year they additionally organise a special project called “Die dreitägige Märchenreise um die Welt” (three-day fairytale trip around the world). During this time the FaZ provides a tent in which a professional storyteller takes children on a journey to the land of fairytales. Afterwards, these stories are made subjects of discussion in various creative workshops. This way, children can actively experience the theme of language development.

We support the numerous FaZ projects connected to language development.

For dancing and singing activities as well as for the mentorships play equipment, books, CDs and teaching material are needed. Even in playgroups playing instruments and singing are essential which is why we are planning to buy a music wagon. The annual “Märchenreise“(fairytale trip) also involves costs – especially the fees for the storyteller and employees organising transport and putting up the tent are considerable. In order to make this possible, we donate a sum of money to the FaZ.