The Paulinenpflege Stuttgart-Rohr runs a project that deserves applause: Once a year children and adolescents from the institution’s residential and daily groupsperform a play on stage. In 2009 for example “Der kleine Prinz” and in 2010 “Ronja Räubertochter”.

This theatre project means much more to the participating children than just a way of creatively passing time.

Theatrical work has many positive effects. It promotes concentration and endurance, encourages the children’s senses and contributes to the development of language. Additionally, it helps them discover their strengths. Praise and recognition of their work all be it in the field of stage setting, costume design, rehearsal or performance helps improve their self awareness.

The project makes the young theatre talents feel proud of themselves and thus helps to develop their self esteem. Moreover, by acting different parts children acquire the skill of empathizing with others. Therefore the theatre project alsoencourages social skills.

We bear the overall costs for this project for one year.

Preparing and performing a play is very time and money consuming. To finance are for example materials for costumes, stage setting and pedagogically specialized theatre teachers who take the children by the hand and accompany them.